Give the gift of a home this holiday season!

“Worrying about where I’d sleep or how I’d find my next meal, plus my PTSD, was all consuming. As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t find my way off the streets. Once I had a permanent, supportive Housing Initiatives home, I was able to begin healing my mind. Now, I’m working my way towards a job.”
Mike, war veteran, homeless for 4 years (pictured above)


As we say farewell to 2015, we’re pleased to announce that this year we welcomed 23 more homeless neighbors with severe mental illness into a safe, permanent home. Including these new clients, we provided homes to 250 formerly homeless people with mental illness in 2015.

Currently, 45 of our formerly homeless clients are veterans, most of whom have experienced PTSD. Unfortunately, there are still 100 veterans living on the streets in Madison.

Over 50% of these homeless vets have a federal subsidy to pay for their rent, yet they remain homeless. A severe lack of supportive, affordable housing makes it difficult for them to lease an apartment in Madison.

With your help, Housing Initiatives can bring our vets home. Through our new project, A Place to Call Home, we’ll raise funds to purchase and renovate apartment homes to house 30 veterans and other homeless by this time next year.

For every $250,000 we raise, we can buy a small apartment building for 4-6 homeless people.

This past summer, our friends and supporters donated $125,000 to purchase our next building. We’re so close! We just need another $125,000 to bring more vets home.

Please consider a gift of $35 or more today to help us purchase our next building. With your support, we’ll have the apartments to bring more vets home in early 2016.

Everyone deserves a place to call home, especially our vets. Join with us and support our veterans.

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