new Executive Director, Brad Hinkfuss

Big news from Housing Initiatives! (plus an invitation)


When I was hired at Housing Initiatives 24 years ago I was told, “Well, if you don’t solve these 3 problems in the next year, you may have to give this grant to someone else.” With the help of a dedicated board, top notch staff and a phenomenal community of supporters like YOU, those early problems were quickly solved and Housing Initiatives went on to end the nightmare of homelessness for more than 700 of our neighbors who suffer from severe mental illness.

Well, it’s time to pass the proverbial baton. Yes, I am retiring. While it’s hard to leave, my departure is made much easier knowing that I’m leaving the organization in the very best of hands. Over the last two years I’ve been working with the board on a transition plan, and I am extremely pleased to announce the appointment of Brad Hinkfuss as HII’s new executive director.

Many of you know Brad. He’s played a big role in the growth of quality affordable housing in the community. He served as operations director for DAIS for the last two years, and at Porchlight, Inc. for 16 years prior to that, where he managed the design and construction of major new housing projects, led many program initiatives and managed the men’s Drop-in Shelter. Brad’s got the right experience to grow HII and extend forward its legacy of contributing to the resiliency of our community and its most vulnerable citizens.

I will be staying on through the end of the year to support Brad as he takes on this important work. Here’s what we need from you: Come be part of a celebration of 25 years that Housing Initiatives has been in operation. I hope you’ll be there to welcome Brad and celebrate the many successes we’ve achieved together. If you’d like to raise a glass to my retirement, well, that’d be great too.

Here are the details:

Housing Initiatives Legacy Party
Wednesday, November 28, 5:00 to 7:00 PM
Goodman Community Center’s new Brassworks Facility
214 Waubesa Street
Please register here

We have so much to celebrate together. I really hope to see you there.

But for now, back to work!