A Place To Call Home

Help us END HOMELESSNESS for 50 veterans and downtown homeless neighbors by the end of this year.

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Permanently ending veteran homelessness in Madison is much easier than you may think. 
Today in Madison, there are 100 veterans living on the streets, many suffering from PTSD and other mental illnesses. Many describe homelessness as being lost in a dark tunnel that they can’t find their way out of.

Over 75% of these homeless vets have a federal subsidy to pay for their rent, yet they remain homeless because they can’t find an affordable apartment in our community. They deserve better.

With your help, Housing Initiatives can bring our vets home.
We CAN eliminate veteran homelessness in Madison once and for all. The solution is simple: make more affordable, supportive apartment homes available to veterans with rent subsidies.

Through our new project, A Place to Call Home, we’re raising $3,000,000 to purchase and renovate apartment homes to house 50 veterans and other homeless by this time next year. Within just one year, we will end homelessness for up to 1/4 of all vets living on the street. That’s significant progress.

In 2015, we raised $1.1 million dollars from the City of Madison and Dane County to purchase and renovate 4 buildings that will soon house 20 homeless persons with mental illness.

Now, we’re looking to the Madison community to help us raise $2,000,000 in private funding to end homelessness for another 30 veterans and other neighbors living on our streets.

Already, we have earned the support of several Madison community leaders and businesses.

Alliant Energy Foundation
Apartment Association of South Central Wisconsin
Dr. Bob Beilman
Mary Botham
Lau and Bea Christensen
Dona Childs
Aubrey Fowler
Ed Gleason
Duncan Highsmith and Ana Araujo
Martin Glass
Mary and Scott Kolar
Dr. Ken & Leslie Kudsk
Madison Gas & Electric
Madison Homebrewers & Tasters Guild
Kathy Nichol
Bill Perkins
Chris Prestigiacomo
Paul Reckwerdt
Tom Ripple
Steve Brown Apartments
Steve and Kristine Vaughn


Too many of our homeless neighbors are sick, without hope, and have on one to turn to. With your help, we will guide them out of the darkness and towards healthier, stable lives.

Join with us and bring 30 veterans and other homeless neighbors in off the streets.