Larry has always struggled with clinical depression. But for years, he had a wife, a job and a home. In 1995, his wife died of cancer and a few days later he learned his mother was dying. He lost them both within a few months. The severe loss, combined with his mental illness, was more than he could cope with.

I tried to kill myself through drug and alcohol abuse. I lost my job and then my home.”

Larry eventually got a job as a dishwasher for over 10 years. But he only made $500 per month and it wasn’t enough to pay rent in Madison, so he continued to be homeless, even though he was employed.

After 20 years of homelessness, Housing Initiatives brought Larry home. Larry has lived in his apartment for over seven years.

“I’m way more secure in my home and how I feel about myself. For many years, the depression was overwhelming. I felt worthless. Today, I have found enjoyment in the stewardship of my home.”

Larry has set up a small bike shop in his basement. He fixes up and sells bikes for a little extra income.

“Happiness for me is living in my home and working on bikes.”