Success Stories

Housing Initiatives serves a wide range of people including single men and women, veterans, families, and children. All of our clients have been homeless due to a diagnosed mental illness.

In 2014, we helped 224 people:

(39 Men + 3 Women)


At times, we all need someone to help us stand back up when we fall. Over the last 20 years, Housing Initiatives has helped over 550 homeless men and women suffering from mental illness into a permanent home. Safety, peace, and hope felt by living in a permanent home is the foundation these folks need to begin the healing process. Their stories of strength and surviving immense challenges are an inspiration to us all.

“The number one step in my healing was having a permanent roof over my head. I’m now able to pay my bills and I am working my way towards a job. Soon, I’ll likely leave Housing Initiatives because I’ll be emotionally and financially stable again.”

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“Housing Initiatives is my saving grace. I love living here. It’s a quiet, safe place where I’ve been able to heal my mind. Housing Initiatives allows people to be as good as they possibility can be.”

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“Housing Initiatives reached out to me in my darkest moment and treated me like a human being that mattered. They literally saved my life. Having a home gives you the dignity and self-respect you need to fight substance abuse and get back on your feet.”

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“I’m way more secure in my home and how I feel about myself. For many years, the depression was overwhelming. I felt worthless. Today, I have found enjoyment in the stewardship of my home.”

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“Housing Initiatives means a lot to me and my kids. I can’t imagine where we’d be without Housing Initiatives. I’m very grateful.”

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“After 40 years, I am finally beginning to recover. Without Housing Initiatives, I wouldn’t have gotten off the streets, I wouldn’t be managing my illness, and I don’t believe I’d still be alive.”

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“Dean is like a brother to me. He pulled me and my family out of a dark hole. I feel very blessed to be part of the Housing Initiatives community.”

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