Painting of homeless personPainting of a homeless person entering a housePainting of a homeless man relaxing on a couch with a dog

There, but for the
Grace of God, Go I

We Are Our
Brothers and Sisters

When We Work Together,
All Things Are Possible

Welcome to Housing Initiatives

Celebrate 20 years of Housing Initiatives with “Hope for the Homeless”



Click here to RSVP and order tickets for the celebration. Sponsorship opportunities are available – please email us for more information.

Since 1994, Housing Initiatives, Inc. has worked to meet Dane County’s ever-growing need to house homeless persons and families affected by severe mental illness. Today, we own 86 housing units in Madison, WI and house nearly 200 people throughout Dane County in our properties and in private rental housing.

We provide supportive housing for our clients through our partnerships with over a dozen public and private agencies and communities of faith.

Housing Initiatives, Inc. is a proud member organization of Community Shares of Wisconsin – a network of 64 nonprofit organizations that addresses social, economic, and environmental problems through grassroots activities, advocacy, research, and public education.

If your workplace is one of the Partner Businesses that participate in the workplace giving program, you can donate directly to Housing Initiatives through your workplace giving program.  Otherwise, you can donate directly to Housing Initiatives through Community Shares’ online donation system. 100% of your donation will go directly to Housing Initiatives.

Tour the Robert Beilman House

This is a film about the Robert L. Beilman House on Madison’s Northside. Completed in 2005, it houses the offices for Housing Initiatives, Inc. as well as nine apartment units for HII Clients. Since 1993, Housing Initiatives has provided housing for homeless persons with severe mental illnesses.

This film was made as part of the HOME Program 20th Anniversary Conference by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. HUD awarded the Beilman House project one of five “Door Knocker Awards” for “Promoting Long-Term Affordability”.

The Beilman House was developed in part by using HOME Program funds allocated by the City of Madison Community Development Block Grant department.